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When I set up EZ loan in June 2010, my main objective is to provide personal or payday loans in order to help and serve our customers with their personal credit needs.

When we conducted our research into this market, we observed that the market lack service oriented moneylenders that provide personal loans to consumers.

It is with this objective in mind that I started EZ Loan.

EZ Loan as a company is thoroughly committed to providing excellent service and competitive interest rates to service our customers.

As a consumer myself, I am clearly attracted to a bank or moneylender that can provide personal loan to me at the lowest interest rate and at the same time offer good service to me.

We therefore design our products and services right from the top. First, we set out to exceed the procedural requirement as set up by IPTO.

As a company that pride ourselves in establishing a well-defined process flow, our loan application process is efficient, transparent and robust.

This is to ensure that the application process is easy to understand and there is no hidden cost when you take up a personal loan with EZ Loan. Remember it is SIMPLE & TRANSPARENT to you! .

Next, we want you to have a comfortable place to enjoy and relax. Applying for a personal loan can be nerve racking. Hence, we make our place comfortable and relaxing for you.

Our friendly staffs will be on hand to explain the details of the loan to you. This is to ensure you have a peace of mind.

Finally, taking up a personal loan with EZ Loan is akin to starting a relationship with us. We want to be there for you when you need assistance and when you need a listening ear.

In essence, we want to be your helping hand and someone you can depend on!

Yours truly
Licensee, Low W W

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