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Personal Loan (Secured)

As the name implied, this type of personal loan is securitized with collateral.

The quantum involved is generally more than 5000 SGD and we required collateral in one of the follow forms: company shares, shares in private house and gold. This list is not exhaustive please call us for a confidential discussion on your financial needs.

This type of product is suitable for customers with long term needs and have collateral to acquire larger loans. We have experience working with individual as well as business owners to help them achieve personal goals and business objectives.

Case study

Customer B run a successful business. Unforeseen circumstances required him to raise cash in a very short period of time. Customer B approached EZ loan for a secured personal loan.

He securitized the loan with a property that he fully owns.

We are able to arrange similar collateral please contact us for a confidential discussion.

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