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Personal loan (Unsecured)

Personal loan as defined in dictionary is “an unsecured loan, meaning the borrower does not put up any collateral or security to guarantee the repayment of the loan. For this reason, personal loans tend to carry high interest rates. If a borrower owns a home, a lower interest rate alternative is a home equity loan.”

At EZ Loan, we provide small quantum unsecured personal loan of up to 5000 SGD, depending on individual’s income and credit profile.

A key feature of personal loan is that minimal time is required for processing. Depending on loan size, the time required ranges from half an hour to a day to disperse the cash to our customers.

For regular and loyal customers, the process will take less than an hour to process.

Case study

Customer A is a Taxi driver, unfortunately, he met with an accident that require him to send his taxi into workshop for a few days. This resulted in the loss of income for a few days and unfortunately tighten up his cash flow as he needs to meet his obligation in taxi rental and daily expenses.

With an EZ loan unsecured personal loan he is able to free up his cash flow and the personal loan is able to help him to tide over his few days when he has no income.

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